We have listened to your requests and are now working on various projects to help you determine how best to spend your hard earned clams!

Do you have an idea for a project? Contact us and we will check it out!

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The items we use for our projects will sometimes be reviewed individually on our Product Reviews page.

Most of the items are purchased by Beat Your Truck and some are supplied by the manufacturers. Manufacturers that supply components for testing do not receive any special treatment. All of our reviews are objective and honest.

    BYT Forum Members - Special Projects Build-Offs  
Check out the Special Projects Forum Build-Off pages  to see some of the project contests our forum members are running.

   PROJECT CAP - Joystick RC Transmitter  

We created a custom one-handed RC transmitter for a special member on our BYT forum. This thing is fully hopped up with a 2.4 ghz radio, LED lighting system, custom charger and built-in battery pack.

Check it out!


Get ready to rock with this tricked out, Castle Monster Mamba / 4S lithium powered bad boy. It's big, fast and eats turf and dirt like a fat guy at an all you can eat buffet.

Stay tuned!

Project B-Maxx Custom brushless e-maxx
Check out our latest project truck, Project B-Maxx. It's a brushless Traxxas E-maxx with all the trimmings from GorillaMaxx, Great Assembly RC, FullForceRC, Castle Creations, FlexTek, and more. Yes, these have been built before but we don't care! BYT needed one of these BAD!

This truck is a work of art and performs better than any Maxx style truck we have ever owned. The harder we push it, the better it performs. Project B-Maxx is online!


Check out Project Baja 5BYT...and HPI 5B SS kit, tricked out with some great items from GH Racing, FFRC, DDM and some custom stuff as well.

The project is complete and we are burning gas with it right now!

Enjoy Project 5BYT!

   PROJECT Trail AX - Axial AX-10 Custom Crawler/Trail Buster  

Axial Racing came out with the AX-10 crawler and we just had to have one! They have certainly boosted the RC Crawling scene to the next level of popularity. Rather than just stick with the stock kit, we wanted to create more of a combo crawler/trail busting machine. A custom tube chassis, powerful electronics and more have been poured into this project! Items from Holmes Hobbies and Rummy RC are the focal point of the project and are going to make it FLY (and crawl)!

Click here to check out Stage 1!
new Click here to check out Stage 2!

   PROJECT MMMLST....Dual Mamba Powered Losi MLST 

The forum members of BYT put their money together and purchased a brand new MLST for BYT! How cool is that? To honor them, BYT will be turning the little monster into a force to be reckoned with. You guessed it, a Mamba, Mamba powered MLST!

Click here to check it out!


BYT picked up a used REVO and are juicing it up to be a good solid bashing machine. We have most of the suspension mods done, big block installed and it ROCKS!

Check out Project REVO Basher!

Stage 2 is on the drawing board......steering and electrical modifications.


BYT has built a RC Rock Crawler! We picked up a junker, rusted out, piece of junk Clod Buster and went from there. Project Rock Ripper is done and ready to go!

Stage 1 - Getting Started
Stage 2 - Setting Up the Axles
Stage 3 - Wheels and Tires
Stage 4 - Custom Chassis
Stage 5 - Axle and Steering Links
Stage 6 - Servo Mounts
Stage 7 - Electronics
Stage 8 - Body and Finish Work
Stage 9 - Field Testing
Final Stage - Final Project Review


BYT has built a tougher, more reliable AE Factory Team RC18T fully stocked with FullForceRC, Lunsford, United RC, Novak and Mamba goodies.

Click here to check it out!

Update: The RC18T has been converted to an RC18B and upgraded to a 8000kv Mamba. Add in some 1/10 scale tires and wheels and look out! It is one SWEET ride.

Go beetle go!
They are the latest craze in RC and there is no wonder why! The Losi Mini-T is a killer little truck and if you don't already have one, get off your duff and get one. BYT is cranking one of these little guys up! Project Rocket Ship Mini-T will be about adding various goodies and making it go unbelievably fast.

Part 1 - Adding some strength (and bling) from FullForce RC
Part 2 - Installing a HiTec HS-85MG metal gear steering servo
Part 3 - Building a lithium battery charger on a budget
Part 4 - Installing an FullForce RC aluminum chassis!
Part 5 - Custom 1/10 scale turnbuckles with Lunsford titanium & RPM rod ends
Part 6 - Installing the MAMBA Brushless system & Apogee LiPo batteries


We hopped up a RTR XXX-T into a truck that is tougher, lighter and faster.

Click here to check it out!

PROJECT UPDATE - We're adding some 8000mah lipo love, a Castle Sidewinder and a Speky 2.4 ghz RX to this truck. More power, longer run times and glitch-free bashing to come. Stay tuned for a project update!


We know that everyone can't afford $2000 in parts to hop-up their truck. Project JUMPMAXX is our attempt at taking a basic T-Maxx and making it jumpworthy on a budget of less than $400. We will break it down piece by piece so even if you don't have that many smacks burning a hole in your wallet, you can select what parts you do want to invest in and in what order.

Click here to check it out!

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