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Oh the brutality! Here is where you can find some great videos of RC trucks getting pounded! Do you have some RC truck video worthy of BYT that you would like to see on our site? Use the upload link to send us your RC videos. We will be happy to add them ONLY if they are in the true spirit of Beat Your Truck (no shelf queens, no wussys, no lawn flamingos....Beat Your Truck or do not bother sending in your video)!!!

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 ShakerCo in Pheonix, AZ Video added: 6/2009

HPI Baja 5b SS - Just me and biged out bashing our baja's. This is a compilation video from all our bashes. My baja has outerwares, proline badlands, Turtle clutch system, Ramtech springs up front, RPM arms in front.

 BeatYourTruck in Horicon, WI Video added: 5/2009

Just some good ol' fashioned ramp bashing and road / speed runs with a E-Maxx, Jato, Rustler, LST and Savage!

The E-Maxx and LST both broke during a few warm up jumps :( The Savage broke a couple of wheels, other than that, it was a great day!

 Castle Creations in Kansas Video added: 3/09/2009

RC8 with 6s 30C lipo, 24/44 gearing, prototype Neu-Castle 1517 series 1800kv brushless motor

 Anonymous in NorthEast Video added: 3/03/2009

Sent in without name or info.

 SocalCrew in California Video added: 12/03/2008

The SocalCrew boys are at it yet again. :)

 SocalCrew in California Video added: 10/09/2008

The SocalCrew boys out for a September bash....Traxxas Slash and RC boats.....oh my!

 28offroader in California Video added: 9/6/2008

If this ain't BYT worthy, NOTHING is.

A Broken DS Dogbone pin put me out, otherwise I'd kept hitting it all day.


 JMCIVOR Video added: 9/2/2008

Took the rusty to the kamloops bc valleyview bike ranch again, short video, nothing broken this time, enjoy :)

 Sleebus Jones in Katy, Texas Video added: 8/18/2008

Brushless Hyper beating

Some time on the track with a very powerful brushless Hyper 7 buggy powered via 6s A123..

 REVO Beatings Video added: 8/17/2008

Traxxas REVO

Some sweet REVO beating video!

 HIGH LIFE MT in MICHIGAN Video added: 5/22/2008

Monster GT

MGT with stock .28 engine, Modded sleeve, crank and carb, BUKU power pipe, front RPM arms, rear FT caps, copper springs, 60 wt oil, 8.0 wheels and tires, 0% nitro homebrew fuel, 10% Klotz synth oil

 THE DEVE in COOS BAY, OREGON Video added: 4/27/2008

Losi LST/Ram, T-maxx 2.5,N Rustler 2.5. Savage x., Jato 3.3, MGT 4.60

Just my friends and I bashing around our hometown. My Lst is a mostly stock Ram RTR, M26, only mods are RC Solutions Roll--Great investment!!!, and some high quality servos, and Dynamite High HT pipe-made the motor come alive!! Savage x =RPM arms and Braided lines,-Tough Truck ==owned by Rob. MGT is a .21..owned by Corey- all stock with one-off roll done by him, also twin steering servo mod=2xjr590, has ThunderTiger.28-Sweet power plant!!! See ya at the LHS!!..bring your VISA..

 MOSTLEY BROKEN in UTAH Video added: 4/25/2008

pot luck, a bit o everything

tlt axles, emaxx tranny, custom black foot body, custom chassis, 2 parts freakin awesome.

 HIGH LIFE MT in MICHIGAN Video added: 2/4/2008

Monster GT 4.6

Hitting some jumps with my Monster GT at my favorite bash spots, along with some random snow bashing in parking lots.  Trying to get air using snow banks as kickers.   
Good Times!
Stock .28 MGT with RPM arms in the front and LST2 pipe. Running a homebrew fuel mixture of 85% Methanol/15% Klotz oil.

 NATHAN in NORTH SMITHFIELD RI Video added: 2/2/2008

Traxxas T-Maxx

rustler vxl
i have done nothing to my truck (yet.) I ran my stampede tires on this thing and it looked like a beast! but the tires wobbled crazy.


Hpi Savage X .28

Very first bash of my brand new Hpi Savage X 4.6. The only thing I managed to do after three hours of straight beating was the spur gear was missing about 4 teeth.....

Video was taken at Fairview Park in Costa Mesa, CA.

Hope you enjoy.


 JOHNBOY in SIKESTON, MISSOURI Video added: 1/1/2008

Traxxas T-Maxx

Just a day out bashing with the T-Maxxes. Ended up breaking both of them. Snapped an aluminum shock tower on one and a axle carrier on the other

 HIGH LIFE MT in MICHIGAN Video added: 12/28/2007

Monster GT, Savage 25, Baja 5B

This is video footage from summer '07.  Bashing at a sand/gravel pit, and a couple construction sites.
Monster GT 4.6--all stock except for RPM arms in the front, LST2 pipe and header, red springs with 50 wt oil in the shocks.  Running pure methanol, no nitro.
Savage 25(4.1)--completely stock
Baja 5B--completely stock

 CHUCK in DOWNRIVER, MICHIGAN Video added: 12/28/2007

All Savage's

Well the local school dumped several large dirt piles in the front. So we beat our trucks! The black 56 Ford Savage X is sporting a Mach 26 3 port motor. The Yellow Savage 25 has a Mach 26 six port. The Green PowerWagon is packed with a STS 28. All are owned by our local unofficial club called "Motor City Bashers"

 BMXRCRACER009 in WALKILL, NEW YORK Video added: 12/26/2007

Fine Design Brushless Hot Bodies Lightning

This is a brushless HB lightning. All nitro gear was removed and replaced with a brushless ESC and 2hp motor that run off of 2 8000Mah 7.4v Lipo packs in series. It does wheelies on blacktop and is way faster than a nitro. I race with nitro truggies and am usually in the top 5.

 BIGBUBBA in KAMLOOPS, BC, CANADA Video added: 12/23/2007

Traxxas Stampede

It was just another day at the track until a buddy dared me to jump the fence..... He had tried it 2 weeks before I did and was sill waiting to get his chassis. So I was a little leary and didn't want to suffer the same fate as my buddy but I said "Let's Do It!!!" I'd never tried the fence before and thought I was in for the same future.....

Well as you all can see I defied death...... It was a pretty freakin good feelin man.... It's such a great vid.... I watch it almost everyday.....

Here's the long list of hop-ups and soon to be hop-ups - Stock Chassis (Custom CF Chassis on the way), Stock Servo (A Hitec MG Servo on the way), FLM Front and Rear Shock Towers, FLM Bulkhead, RPM Front and Rear A-Arms, Traxxas Big Bore Shocks with TIN Shafts and Stock Springs (Trinity Dual Stage Springs on the way), MIP CVD's, HR Alum. Front and Rear Hub Carriers w/ 5x11 Bearings, HR Alum. Steering Blocks, RPM Claws Rims w/ Moabs, Mamba Max 5700

 LEE in CARBONDALE, PENNSYLVANIA Video added: 12/2/2007

T-Maxx/BB convr.-Savage

So I wanted to see what truck had more power. I think the savy did but the maxx was to lite to do any real pulling.

Savy specs mostly stock with Axial .28

Maxx specs Stock diffs extended .21 chassis with HPI .25 big block engine RRP steel spur gear.

 SLEEBUS JONES in TEXAS Video added: 12/2/2007

Hyper 7 Brushless

Hyper 7 with all the smoker parts removed.  Now sporting a Feigao 10XL, BL 9920 ESC and a True RC 8000mAh 5S LiPo pack.  It's a tire burning, spur shredding beast!

 JLM in KAMLOOPS BC CANADA Video added: 12/2/2007

Traxxas Rustler (Modified to run on baked beans)

Its a Rustler XL-5 on roids:
Powered by Mamba Max ESC and mm5700kv brushless motor.
Full aluminum on all 4 corners
Custom rear armor (Aluminum, plasma torch for the win!)
FLM arms
RPM buckles
Traxxas Aluminum all over the place
The only thing left plastic is the upper/lower decks & shock towers.
I run it off NiMH cells only, if I threw a LiPo in there it might not land, then I would be a very sad R/C addict :(
Enjoy the vid :D

 OPEDOPY in CARSON, CALIFORNIA Video added: 11/28/2007

Revo 3.3,Tmaxx,RC18T

This is just some of the good clips i have of my cars,its always fun to go out and Beat Your Truck. i never get bored of jumping high and just plain having fun.

 SOCALNITRO in FRESNO, CALIFORNIA Video added: 11/23/2007

Mini-T Revo

A sampling of more to come from Socals' Fresno visits

 Johndeerekid Video added: 11/9/2007

Traxxas Stampede bashing.

 757Holeshot in VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA Video added: 9/25/2007

Sportwerks ST

BeatYourTruck or go home...

 JOHN (my-life-is-hpi) in HB, NEW YORK Video added: 9/2/2007

2 savages.. LSP

fun bash during the winter... trees get in the way sometimes :p

Hard bashing by the first savage.. but surprisingly.. no damage at all.

 KILLERHYPER7 in LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM Video added: 8/27/2007

Hyper 7 purity bash

A few videos i have made and put together into one. not long and not short (just right). it has loads of hop ups like cnc towers, cnc rear turnbuckles, cnc braces, and stuff like that, it now has a sts 28 in it but in the video it has a novarossi p5 or hyper 21 8 port (sucks). i was new to bashing and is nothing new in the video. enjoy

 STEVEN in CALGARY/ALBERTA, CANADA Video added: 5/4/2007

Associated monster gt

..... had a snow man and just built a new ramp + new tires on the first day of warmth in a while so just had to do something

hop ups- claw dawgs tires,titin wheels,hpi ribbed pipe

Note from BYT: there's something strangely funny about this video....we had to post it!

 ROB P in HAMILTON, ONTARIO Video added: 3/29/2007

Baja 5b 23cc Gas Powered

Once you go 1/5th you will never go back? One tank will last 45 mins with out dying on you with flips and jumps, oh ya I modified the muffler thats why its so loud :)

Note from BYT: Some basic 5B bashing. No jumps, but still fun to watch!


Team Losi LST and Traxxas T-maxx

Just bashing around at our little spot. LST has Nova Rossi 28, Vantage Carbon fiber pipe, and a lots of Performance parts. T-maxx has 2.5R, Bigbore shocks, Integy Blue skidplates and chassis braces, custom wheelie bar, and a lot of other things. The LST broke Both A-arms and dog bone at the end of the video.

 SOCALNITRO in SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA Video added: 3/17/2007


Starting off 2007 in true Socal Style

 KODY in HOUSTON, TEXAS Video added: 3/16/2007


Just back flipping on a mattress jump we made at a new neighborhood.....broke the front diff this day

Note from BYT: A couple of well executed back flips with an LST2. Nothing HUGE but well done.

 TOPSPEEDTIMMY in LINCOLN, NEBRASKA Video added: 2/26/2007

Traxxas Electric Rustler XL-5

Bashing around my house. Features a Traxxas electric Rustler XL-5 hopped up on 8 cells. No parts broken. The best part of this video is the dual-angle ramp mounted on top of a snowhill, creating some pretty good backflippage.

Note from BYT: While this may not be a video that shows off 30 feet of air, it is fun to watch and the editing is quite good. Nice work putting a beat down on the Rusty!

 JIMBO in MONTREAL, CANADA Video added: 1/26/2007

Whats up BYT? I have been a big fan of your site for a long time now and finally feel i have a clip worthy of posting. Here is my LST2 full speed out of a skate park in Montreal, Canada. Clean landing, no breakage (nice - Happy Times) Shouts out to my nitro brothers Beano and RJ!!!!!!!!!!

LST2 / Sportworks 9mm Carb / Carbon Clutch / 2500 mah Battery / 30% nitro (go hard or go home)

Note from BYT: Jimbo...you are worthy!


Xterminator, Savage, Brushless Buggies

Just a little bash as the sun was setting.


Savage X .28 hpi engine, Spektrum radio, High torque servo.

Rc maniacs Ramp Action

 SAVAGEONER in FAIRBORN, OHIO Video added: 12/10/2006

Savage SS XTM 24.7

- Liquorboxracing Savage Collari .30 3 speed rage cage
- Crazybashin savage Wasp .28 3 speed rage cage
- Savage25killer savage .25

Dayton Ohio HPI challenge, Wilmington Ohio 9 foot ramp of death, Fairborn Ohio YMCA

 SOCAL CREW in SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA Video added: 12/9/2006

Various trucks......

More cliff jumping fron the Socal Crew....these boys know how to BYT!

 JOE at CASTLE CREATIONS in OLATHE, KANSAS Videos added: 10/23/2006

Power Wheels Escalade with dual Mamba Max 4600's!!! - Here's our latest creation that we brought to the iHobby Expo in Chicago. It's a dual Mamba Max 4600 powered Cadillac Escalade. 12v 55Ah sealed lead acid battery powers it. Pinions used were from an Emaxx...rest is bone stock. As Shawn said at the show..."All you need for a successful trade show is one great idea...and then JUMP IT!!!"

This is some silly video from our friends at Castle Creations. it is a dual Mamba Max Barbie Jeep with a human rider! It was clocked at 18MPH (approx a 40lb vehicle and a 160lb. rider)!!!

 SOCAL CREW in SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA Video added: 8/4/2006

Xterminator, Aftershock, SH28 Truggy

One of many July bash sessions by the Crew that gets it done.

(added bonus: video includes the temporary death of PhaedruS's truggy)

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